Ms. Man Wang Li Chairman of the Confederation of Asia-Pacific outstanding women
Release time:2016-06-28 Author:亚太杰出女性联合会
Recently, the Beijing "2016 China Brand (female) Summit Forum", Ms. Man Wang Li was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award along the way." This award, Ms. Man Wang Li said: This award is particularly meaningful to me, the Federation will fully mobilize the CRE for Women resources, and actively promote the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward all the way along the development objectives in the realization of the dream of China on the realization of the Asia-Pacific the common prosperity of the country and the world economy to make a positive contribution.

Man Wang Li as an outstanding representative of women: to be the best

Man Wang Li from the fashion arena gorgeous fought the sea, with a unique vision, extraordinary courage in the business world to win the attention position, has won the "Ten Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Shenzhen." "Shenzhen Top Ten Quality Leaders" founded the Federation for Women and CRE presidency, called the outstanding representatives of women, overwhelmed China won the brand (female) Summit was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award along the way" can be described as deserved .

Ms. Man Wang Li in an interview with reporters, said the Asia-Pacific Federation of currently outstanding women in more than ten countries to be set up branch, branch president States will gather in Shenzhen in July to participate in the Asia-Pacific Forum. CRE Women Federation was founded in 2013 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the goal is to become the Asia-Pacific region and the world has influence and cohesion of the organization, the Federation members from all sectors of the field of outstanding women on behalf of the government, business, academia, etc., and with a number of chambers of commerce, associations entered into a strategic alliance. Union Pacific has been committed to showing new woman "alone, love, unity, innovation, Thanksgiving," the new image, international, open, public charity, actively promote Asia-Pacific Women work together to strive for the realization of the same world, and continue to move forward with a dream. Ms. Man Wang Li believes that the support of the Federation of the community, will gather the most influential and cohesive community organizations.

It is reported that since 2008, Chinese brand (female) Forum allows men hidden behind the outstanding female compatriots, by this stage and re-recognized by the society, and won due honor and respect. After eight years of temper, the event has become the brand of women and women's double the value of the brand display platform, is leading the new trend of the development of Chinese women's Woman of the Year event. Yu Dan, Yang Lan, Hua Xia, Sun Yafang, Zhang Defen, Yang Mian Mian, Wang Fengying, Annie, Yan Xu, Wang Chao songs, Lvqiuluwei, Li Xiaolin, Liu Qing, somans, Ma Yanli, Dani and so has won the award-winning forum.